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About Who

I was first introduced to entrepreneurship when I interned at the Holyoke Chamber of Commerce. For a couple of years, I worked closely with people who soon became my mentors and friends. I got into websites and graphic design when I was hired to be the marketing and administrative coordinator for SPARK:Holyoke(now Spark EforAll Holyoke). With little to no experience in marketing or website design, the director of the program at the time, gave me tools and a brief intro on how to use them to create a website. Shortly after he asked me to create a new website for the organization…

Well, it wasn’t easy, but I was  intrigued and drawn by the PROCESS. It wasn’t just about how much I enjoyed designing websites as a way to get my inner artist fill. It was about the atmosphere that entrepreneurship was creating in Holyoke.


Wait I can do what I love and make a living off of it? I can own my time and be productive?


It will be hard and take years and many failures? But I will enjoy the journey, grow and evolve?

Hard to resist the allure, however after several years of learning from the best and working closely with entrepreneurs through SPARK EforAll Holyoke, and I mean working closely. From the IDEA phase to ribbon cutting! I learn so much from these brave people that I knew at some point in time I would try it for myself.


So I finally took the leap, put my skills to practice and started working for myself. I  really enjoy graphic design and branding. But I also enjoy working with individuals just like me who want to succeed with their passion and their business. So yes this is a young and GROWING BUSINESS. But I am a hard and dedicated entrepreneur. One who can with the latest website design tools, quick load time software, SEO optimization, design and manage your




Websites are just one avenue that your business needs not only to speak your brand’s language but to hear back from those who give your brand meaning, your CLIENTS. That is why my design style is captivating but simple (EXCEPT ON MY OWN SITE, THIS IS MY EXPERIMENT) with consistent functionality and pages that are easy to navigate. Whether it's to simplify the process for your service to be requested or product to be purchased. MoonLight Launch will help you reach your destination.


And at the end you see this page is really about YOU>

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